Tuesday, March 21, 2017


So I will just start off about transfers. I'm going to be going over
to Buffalo, Minnesota with Elder Brody Beutler. So that's pretty
exciting we will get to talk about home and stuff like that and tell
everybody that we went to high school together. Elder Harper is
staying and training and Elder Huntley is going up to Duluth to be a
zone leader. I already knew that he was going to be a zone leader
because it's Elder Huntley and he's good at everything.

Well the most exciting thing this week besides transfers was probably
that we went to a mosque with one of the Shingle Creek sisters'
investigators. We rode down with him on Friday and he gave us some
Qurans. It was really interesting and kind of weird and the pastor
dude just talked about the history of Muslims and how they got picked on
and stuff. But I can say I've been to mosque now. We also rode down to
the mission presidents fireside and the whole way down we listened to a
CD of somebody reading the Quran and I don't know if you've ever heard
how they do it but it's in a different language and they almost sing

On Wednesday we had district meeting and I gave my first training. I
am surprised it took so long for me to do one. Anyways, I did it on how
we can better find people to teach. It was only like a 10 minute
training so not too bad, haha, then we did this thing called the hot
seat and everyone gets to sit in a chair and then everyone else give
them a compliment. It was the Sisters idea, haha.

So this week we got a new Senior couple, Elder and Sister Jensen in
the ward and we went and helped them move into their apartment. The
Ap's came and picked us and the other Elders up and we got them moved
in. They work mainly with the African people and work in the Elm
Creek, Shingle Creek and Maple Grove ward. They are pretty cool and
they are from Boise, Idaho! Well just outside Boise but I forgot
where. Then after that we went to a Mission Prep fireside thingy and
Elder Jorgensen and Sister Heiner and 2 returned missionaries all
talked about their missions. One of the returned missionaries had been
home for just a week and he came home from Mexico and he is super cool. We
talked with him a little bit and he said he felt more comfortable
talking to us missionaries than anyone else, haha it was kind of funny!

We had a ward game night on St patties day and had green drinks and a
bunch of popcorn. We just played games and it was pretty great. We
even had a tug of war rope and Elder Harper totally beat the all of
the primary kids by himself... it was really fun though. We got some,
not even all, of the left over popcorn and we haven't even made a dent.
It is literally one of those black garbage bags full of just popcorn.

Well thats about all I have for this week, not too much happened. I
will talk to y'all later!

Elder Bullock

Got your green on? St Patricks Day 2017

Thats no pot o' gold, its popcorn

The Pollmann family

The Ukwatha family

The Mikyla family

Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 32

Hey guys! So I am sorry but this one might be a little shorter. Right
now we are at a bowling alley with the Elders, Sisters and the
Minneapolis Spanish speaking Sisters. It was pretty fun!

So there wasn't any huge miracles this week but we went on exchanges
with the Zone Leaders and I went with Elder Dover and stayed in Elm
Creek. We met this lady named Nesha and gave her a mormon.org card and
she asked us what a mormon was and we were able to teach her a little
bit and then we went back the next day and gave her a Book of Mormon
and she wants to know more about it and she seems really interested.
So hopefully we can get back there soon.

We saw Dawhon and Stevion as well and Adreanne was sick so she was
upstairs. Stevion gave us both a bunch of pokemon cards so I got a
little deck now haha. We were able to read some of the Book of Mormon
and invite them to read it every day and if they do it for two weeks
then we will go make them breakfast. They didn't come to church again..
well no one came to church but eventually they will. They always say
next week. Then next week they say next week.

We had Zone Conference this week and it was a little different than
usual. They want to try and get more interaction in them so there was
more roleplays and things like that. Elder Harper gave a training on
how to use the gospel library app, haha, it was pretty funny. He filled
a suitcase with a bunch of things that are in gospel library and told
someone to come pick it up and use it all day. It was clever. I got to
see Brody Beutler, for those who don't know we went to high school
together. Sadly we didn't get a picture but I am sure I will get to
see him again.

Saturday morning we woke up at 5:15 to go over to the Crystal building
and we played volleyball with some other missionaries! It was pretty
good and we also played 3 step which is where you throw a ball at
people but you can't take more than 3 steps. I was pretty tired that
day though.

So last p day it was super warm and we actually had two tornadoes that
were semi close to us.. well not like super close but in the western half
of Minnesota. So that's cool. Now this week there is snow on the
ground... Minnesota is worse than home with the change in weather.

The AP's have come over for lunch twice now I think. They just show up
and eat then leave... Its a good thing I like them, haha.

There was a devotional thing this past Sunday about women and how Christ
made things better for women. It was actually really good.

Anyways that's all I got so I will talk to y'all later!

Elder Bullock


Bipolar weather

Elder Jorgensen and Elder Bullock

Elder Bullock and Elder Dover

Monday, March 6, 2017


Hey guys! So the highlight of this week was that Theresa got baptized!
She is someone the Sisters have been teaching and we have been to a
few of the lessons. Before the Sisters came the Elders were teaching
her and they set the date with her. She is super ready and she was so
excited to be baptized! After she was baptized she was able to bear
her testimony and talk about how she got introduced to the church and
then she sang us a little song called "Thank you Lord." She was originally
going to go to church in Sierra Leone but that day was when the war
broke out there and she eventually came to America and was able to get
in contact with missionaries again, but unfortunately lost contact
with them too. Her sister is a member too and through her she was
reintroduced to the missionaries again and was just baptized.

A lot of the African people have crazy stories like that and some have
family still in Africa and it is sad to see. One of our investigators,
Cecil, has a crazy story too and I like how Elder Harper described it.
He said he is like the Forrest Gump of Africa. He has been shot at and
has met the Pope in Italy and was able to come to America and all this
crazy stuff. A recent convert in the Shingle Creek ward, named Flomo Pewee,
has family still back in Liberia. Flomo is the coolest though and
found the church online and then was baptized a month later. I was
able to teach him last week on exchanges and he is the nicest guy ever
and his family in Africa has now started meeting with the missionaries
there! It is so cool!

I love the African people, but I am not the fondest of their food.
This week we had two dinners with African food and we are going to go
again on Wednesday. We had Peanut butter soup with Theresa this week
and it is made with peanut butter and peppers on rice. I think there
is more in it, but it wasn't my favorite. Elder Harper gave me a tip
to put chapstick on before eating and it doesn't hurt your lips. We
had dinner with the Kingleys and the Sisters and had Pepper Soup and
Fufu. Pepper soup is pretty much really hot sauce on meat and in this
case it was goat meat. And I don't even know what fufu is so y'all will
have to look it up. Fufu has probably been my least favorite so far.
It is cool to be able to experience the different culture though.

We were able to set another date with a guy named Robert and it was
our first time meeting him. He was a referral from mormon.org and he
seems solid. He has one eye so that is kind of cool. He wasn't able to
come to church this week, but next week. In fact that is what all of
our investigators have said, not this week but next. It gets a little
frustrating when you just need them to come so that they can just
start getting all these blessings and make their lives just so much
better. We have 6 people that we have set for baptism, but none of
them are progressing towards it yet. I know they will though and maybe
when I am not here, but thats fine.

This week we haven't had the car much since the other Elders have had
to use it for New missionary training on Wednesday and MLC on
Thursday. So both those days we had to bike and had to cancel an
appointment because of it. We had two appointments that were going to
be close and we couldn't do both on bikes. On the bright side we got
more miles per month now. Before we had 400 and now we have 600! That
will be really nice!

So one night we went to go have dinner at the Fudges. Brother Fudge is
the Elders Quorum president and he got a call from a member in the
ward asking for help. Brother Downs is a disabled man and can't really
walk and always rides his scooter thing around the halls. Well he left
his wallet on the Metro Mobility bus, which is a way for handicapped
people to get rides to places. Well we had to go with Brother Fudge
and pick up Brother Downs and we had to go to down to Minneapolis to
go find his wallet. It wasn't really that far since we practically
live in Minneapolis, but we got right up close to the skyscrapers and
stuff. So that was cool. Then we went  back to have dinner and I
spilled Hot Chocolate all over my lap. It was so great haha... we even got
to have a light saber fight with a 5 year old so that was the best.

The Ap's came to our apartment randomly one day and they started
talking to us and then after a bit they asked if Elder Harper was all
packed. Elder Harper was a little confused. Well he is actually
getting transferred up to Thunder Bay and the Ap's were coming to pick
him up and take him there. Just kidding the Ap's were trying to
convince him though. They did a really good job though and they even
started folding his blankets and offered to help him pack. They were
really just there because they had an investigator that was in the
hospital and they were going to see her and they just wanted to stop
by and say hi!

On Saturday we went to wal mart and got us some fishing licenses and
we went this morning with Brother Shepard on the Mississippi River by
the Coon Rapids Dam. Sadly Brother Shepard only caught one and we
didn't see another fish all morning. It was nice to get out though and
just be outside and it was like 50 to 55 degrees this morning. We did
get a cop that came down and check our licenses and said that as we were
crossing the bridge we looked a little nervous, but everything was
good and he left. We are going to have Zone p day today so we couldn't
go fishing all day which is lame, but it is what it is haha so today
might be  a little crazy to email everyone, but I will do my best!

Well thats all I got for ya! I will talk to y'all next week!

Elder Bullock

Riding bikes in the snow

Mom finally got her "tag" picture