Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Year Mark!

Nyob zoo os! Nej nyob li cas?

Man I hit my year mark last Thursday. Its so crazy that it has been that long. This week has been pretty good, but I might have to keep this one short. 

I went on Exchanges with the Zone Leaders, who are Karen speaking, it was a pretty good exchange and I really enjoyed it. We biked the whole day and it is a lot different biking in the cities. More people yell at you and make fun of you. I think it's pretty funny. I was with Elder Evans who has been speaking Karen for about 9 months now. He is super cool and I really enjoyed being with him. The Karen people are really cool. They are from Myanmar and have recently come to the USA.  They all sit on the floor and so far all of our lessons we sat on the floor. They all speak Karen as well so most of our lessons were Karen. We did get to teach some younger kids in English though. I got a Karen name which is Cha Wah which means White Star. They actually have different letters so I will send a picture of what Elder Evans wrote for me.

For my year mark I burned a shirt and a tie. I didn't burn a tie at my 6 month mark so I just did it now. I will send pictures and the video, but the video might have to be sent later because I don't know if I can send it from my tablet. 

After church we went to a members for dinner and we had some Hmong food and Hmong people like to eat chicken heads and chicken feet. Sorry but I can't eat that so I ate the other stuff, but Elder Lucero loves it. He says the brain is the best part.

Today for p day we went to the zoo again, but we went with some other missionaries. It was fun, but I wasn't feeling good so I just sat on a bench with Elder Condie. 

Well that's all I have kuv yuav tham rau nej lub as thiv tom qab no. Kuv hlub nej!
Sib ntsib dua!

Tub Txib Nyiaj 

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