Monday, June 19, 2017

Happy Father's Day

Hey everyone! 

So this week has been super fun! Elder Vang has been super fun to be with! He is a super outgoing guy and a hard worker! Since he has been here we have 3 date sets now! Pangia and Rainy are set for August 5th and Kuno is set for August 12th. 

Wednesday I spent the day with Elder Wilson while we were waiting for our new companions. We saw a lot of miracles that day. We were able to commit a couple to come to church for the first time and we also got to see Derick, the same Derick from Menomonie. He just had a kid so we went to go see the baby and he wanted us to pray for him. It was super cool. Derick is preparing for baptism so that is cool! He has a lot to work on though. 

This week we have met and got in contact with a lot of people. People that we have stopped by a bunch but have never been home. We have a lot of people that say they might come to Basketball on Tuesday nights. 

We went down to Menomonie and worked there for the day. It was a pretty good day and we saw quite a few people. We saw Rosy first and she is super awesome. She said she was going to go to church this last Sunday in Menomonie, but sadly couldn't because she didnt have a ride. She is going to come to institute on Thursday though. We found a couple new investigators as well. I am not sure how solid any of them are but they can always change. 

Elder Vang and I have been eating out a lot because we don't have any food and Elder Vang already ran out of money for the month. So I am going to have to buy groceries. I used all my gift cards now though.. I am sure I will be blessed for buying food for him. We decided though that we aren't going to eat out and buy a bunch of healthy food so if we could get some healthy food recipes that would be great. Like chicken and whatever else. We also have a YMCA Membership and the Y is really close to us so we can walk there every morning. 

We helped some Hmong Grandmas pick some strawberries. They were super cool and they gave us some strawberries.  Elder Vang likes to take pictures so he took a lot this week. But anyways thats about all I have this week! 

Elder Bullock

1. The Vues
2. Random Hmong family
3. Member from St Paul
4. The Yangs
5. Rosy Vang

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