Wednesday, July 5, 2017


(Email dated 6/27/17)

Hey everyone! 

This was a pretty good week! It went by pretty fast. So I guess the biggest miracle this week is that Bee Thao is still set for July 22 for baptism and she asked her husband again and he said yes! It was kind of funny because Elder Vang and Bee were talking and I couldn't understand any of it and then all of a sudden Elder Vang turns to me and was kindof freaking out. You could tell he was pretty excited. That is pretty exciting and one of Bees daughters, Nancy, came to church. 

Kuno is still set for August 12th and we were able to teach the Word of Wisdom and told him that he is going to have to live it to be baptized and he said it was going to be hard, but he said he will try it. We really emphasized on the blessings we get from it and that it is a commandment from God and that seemed to help. 

We went to see Pangia and Rainie and we taught the girls about baptism and the Holy Ghost. Rainie was still asking a lot questions and we asked the mom what she thought and she told us how she might not get baptized because she doesn't want to disrespect her dad who is Shaman. Hopefully we can help her with that because Rainie really wants to come to church and be baptized. Man she is the cutest though. We told her about the Holy Ghost and Elder Vang explained that when he feels it he gets goosebumps and then after the closing prayer she told us that she got goosebumps. So sadly we will have to drop their date, which was for August 5th. But we won't give up on em haha they love having us over. 

President Forbes is going home this Friday and we will be getting President Barney. It is going to be super weird to switch, but it is going to be a cool experience. 

These past few weeks my testimony of prayer has been strengthened a lot. A few weeks ago we watched Cokeville Miracle and it kind of hit me about the power of prayer and how important it is in our lives. Praying every morning and night will help us stay close to our Heavenly Father.

Not much has happened this week ,also I dont have a lot of time to email so this will be a little shorter, but I will talk to y'all  later!

Elder Bullock


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