Monday, July 10, 2017


Nyob zoo! Nej nyob li cas? This week has been pretty good! It went by pretty fast since we had one less day! 

So Wednesday we went to the Hmong Senior Center and taught Hmong to the grandmas. It is so funny to watch them speak English. Some of them are pretty good! Then after we played a few games of bingo with them! We had a lesson with Xe at the Vues house. Brother Vue did a good job teaching her. We had to leave early to go to a meeting, but she stayed and brother Vue kept teaching her. Sadly she cant be baptized on August 12th since she won't be in town.... so she said she could be baptized on August 5th! She is super solid!

We went to a Hmong funeral which if you dont know about them they are like 3 days long full of a lot of drinking! It was kind of weird and I was the only white guy there. Some people were pretty impressed with my Hmong. We met these guys drinking outside of their apartment and they offered us some beer, which happens often with Hmong people. It is a  huge part of their culture! Anyways I spoke some Hmong to them and one guy told me that I spoke better than him. Haha I am pretty sure he was better but it was cool.

So there is a sport called Kubb that is pretty big here in Eau Claire.  They had a national tournament here and there were a few teams from other countries, like Germany. We played it for p day today too. It is pretty fun and I will have to play when I get home. You all will have to look it up to see what is like. There were a lot of people that were drinking. We got offered some beer there too. Wisconsin has the highest population that drinks.. like everyone drinks. 

We went and knocked on a door one day and had no answer so then there was a Hmong lady that was walking by so we said hi and she walked us back to her house and it turns out that her dad is a member in Alaska. She said that she was willing to get baptized but we haven't set a date yet.

We went on splits with some of the young men this week. The Porter boys, James and Josh. I went with James. He just graduated recently and he was fun to be with! I also had dinner with my Aunt and Uncle with the Daudts! That was a fun  week to have them here.

So today I went to Menomonie for exchanges with Elder Haney. Elder Haney has a cool story for his mission. He is from California and he served a two transfer mission in another mission in California because he has aspergers. They decided he was okay to serve a mission so while he was in the California mission he opened his call to come here. So then he went home for a week and then went to the mtc. When he first went out he skipped the mtc so when he went to the mtc he knew a lot more than most. Then he came out here and then he broke his arm so he had to go home for a little while. Well he just barely came back out so that's super cool. He would be going home at the end of this month if he never went home. But now he has been out 7 months now. His time in California counted as part of his mission too. I also got to see Tabs too so that was fun. 

Anyways that is my week! It was a good one. I will send all the pictures I have, but Elder Vang has some that I don't have so I will send the ones I have and then send the rest next week. 

Elder Bullock

Dinner with the Daudt's and Aunt, Uncle and Cousin

James and I

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