Monday, July 17, 2017

WEEKLY 7-17-17

Well hey! This week has been a little long and we have both been super tired! But we have been working hard so that's alright. 

So yesterday at church it was super crazy! Kuno finally came to church for the first time in 6 years of being taught! We went over Saturday night and told him he really needs to come. Then we went over on Sunday morning and his mom let him us in and she woke him up and we helped him get his kids ready for church. It was super cool to see him and his kids come. I think they enjoyed it pretty well! It is kind of hard to tell with them. Anyways so Kuno is still set for August 12th so hopefully he can make it. We also had Bee and Nancy come as well. We had to drop Bees date because her husband said no again, but we are pretty sure we can get around that. We set dates with Amy and Nancy, who are Bees daughters,  for August 26th.  So we will be going over there a lot. Amy had to work so she wasn't able to come. We also had some Micronesian family come to church. Tina is 13 and her aunt is Arleen. They only stayed for sacrament but they said they would stay all 3 hours next week. 

Taylor Robinson,  who is a recent convert baptized in March, gave a talk today and it was super awesome. She brings the spirit super strong when she testifies. She is 21 and is planning to go on a mission in a year. I know she will be an amazing missionary. Taylor came to see Amy and Nancy with us to help fellowship and she helped us a lot and got their numbers and invited them to church and a YSA family home evening which will be today. On Sunday evening we went out with Brother Bryans, who is in charge of the YSA, and saw a bunch of the YSA to invite them to fhe.

Friday morning we drove up to Hudson to have interviews with President Barney.  He is such a nice guy and really loving! We drove up to Hudson with the Sisters so that we could save miles. While we were waiting to have an interview with him we did weekly planning. After that we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders, Elders Nelson and Richins. Elder Nelson was my Zone Leader when I was in Buffalo. He is a cool guy. So I went with him for the day. We took their car and the sisters took our car to Cottage Grove to go on exchanges with the Sisters there. We didn't see to many people because interviews took awhile, but we went tracting for a little and right after we knocked on one of the doors this older guy came over that was outside already and told us that the was gay so we didn't have to knock on his door. It was kind of funny. Anyways we saw a few people but only were able to talk for a few minutes on the steps. We were able to see a guy with a date set that they had. He was a cool guy and I could see him getting along well with my dad! We had a fire and roasted some hot dogs. They had some dogs that kept me pretty good company. 

The Sisters have been teaching this guy named Dillon. He is a super awesome guy! He came to institute on Thursday and we talked with him for awhile after. Anyways thats about it for this week! Talk to y'all later!

Elder Bullock 

Cool truck

Dinner with some members

Rosy V

Elder Haney


Elder Richins and Elder Nelson

Milwaukee Burger challenge

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