Wednesday, July 5, 2017

11 month mark! And Happy July 4th!


Man this week was pretty good. A lot of cool things happened. Well today was July 4th and we had a lot of fun we went to a baseball game and went to a members for a party. There was also a breakfast at the church that we went to and helped with.

So one of the cool miracles of this week. So when I got transferred to Menomonie Elder Peterson and I stopped by a Best Buy because I had to replace my GPS that broke. I had a warranty on it so it wasn't too hard to do. Well after I got all of that figured out the lady that helped me asked where I was serving. So I told her that I was going to Menomonie and asked her if she had met missionaries and she said that they used to come over all the time, but not anymore. I asked if she would be okay with them coming by again and she said yeah. So I got her name, number and address. Her name is Monica. Well anyways I referred her to other missionaries where she lived and that was it. Well on Saturday I got a call from Elder Peterson and he told me that she was getting baptized. It feels so amazing that I was able to help with that. 

So another cool miracle. We went up to Chippewa Falls to see a few people that the Chippewa Elders wanted us to see. I forgot if I told you or not but the Chippewa Elders both got et'ed down to Winona to open that area up. So they are gone. It was pretty sad to see them go. Anyways we stop by this one less active ladies and she seemed not too interested. Anyways then we went and knocked on this other door. When we knocked we realized we knocked on the wrong door. We tried to knock on a white persons house and we ended up finding some Hmong people. Allen is 18 and is semi interested, but we taught him the restoration then left. Well while we were outside we were talking to some kids and his mom pulls up. So we go over and talk to her and help her carry in groceries. Her name is Xe and we taught her the restoration as well and she loved it and we invited her to church and set a date. Then they actually came to church. 

So President and Sister Forbes went home! It feels really weird to have a new mission president, but we went to St. Paul on Saturday to meet him. President and Sister Barney are pretty funny! I like them a lot! After that we went to the Hmong J4 festival. They have a bunch of boothes and food and then they also had some sports playing! We had our own booth so we would hand out free Book of Mormons. I was able to use a lot of Hmong. I figured it out pretty good. I would say Nyob zoo, which is Hello, then I would tell them I am English and that I was learning Hmong and I asked if I could practice with them. I would ask them like their name and where they live and all that and then I would ask if they belive in God and if they had heard of the Book of Mormon. I thought it was pretty smart. 

We went to a cool Hibachi place for lunch with some members. It was pretty cool to watch them do all the tricks and stuff. I took a video of it but I probably cant send videos.

We met this guy who used to be a member and he served his mission here in this mission and he even spoke Hmong. He served here in Eau Claire and then after his mission he married a Hmong girl and moved to Eau Claire and they were active for a while. Then he got into some anti and got his name removed. Kind of sad, but he is okay with us coming over, but said he won't ever join again. He still speaks Hmong pretty good. 

Anyways thats about all I have for the week I will talk to y'all next week! 

Elder Bullock 

 Random selfie ft. Sisters Musser and Myers and Elder Wilson and I.

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