Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Man so this week was pretty good! But first I am getting Transferred to St Paul so I will leave Wednesday. I will be in the Hmong branch so I will still be learning Hmong and it's a branch with all Hmong people. And I will be in a big city.. but yeah I am pretty excited. I will also be with Elder Lucero again so thats cool! 

So this week went by really fast, but I might have to make this email a little shorter. I went on exchanges with Elder Nielson after district meeting on Tuesday and we tracted this street and found three new investigators and two of them were Hmong. One guy didn't speak much English so I was using all the Hmong I knew and he was using all the English he knew. It all worked out in the end and we got a return appointment. The other Family is super cool and is willing to meet with us, guys named Bee and Teeg. They were pretty cool. Then we had a awesome lesson with Nkauj Iab about who Jesus Christ was. Then we had basketball that night.

The next day  we exchanged back and had Hmong service! I got a call from President Barney that I was going to be going to St Paul so I already knew before transfers, but yeah. It kind of took the fun out of transfers! But that's alright! 

We saw Xe, one of our date sets, and she is doing well. We will have to push her date back though. But she will get baptized soon. We also set another date with a referral we got. She is English speaking so we gave her to the Sisters. 

On Sunday us and the Sisters sang If the Savior Stood Beside Me in sacrament! It was super cool and Brother Hilton played the piano and was the one who set this whole thing up! I am going to miss him a lot, he was really a big example to me and I learned a lot from him. He taught institute here and I love the way he teaches. We also do our laundry at his house so we saw him quite a bit. I would play with his dog, Quincy, every p day. He is such a good dog, haha anyways.

Saturday we went to Menomonie and saw a baptism of Hsaing and Jeff who I taught while I was there. It was super cool and I am glad they made the decision to be baptized. It is cool to see the change they have made! Tabs also gave the talk for it so it was cool to see her too. 

We had a lesson with some Pohnpein people on Saturday and they were eating outside listening to music and we took Maddie and Julia C. and Mary B. to go see them with us, to meet Tina who is 13. It was super cool, we shared a message about the Book of Mormon and then they asked us to eat so then we ate and they turned their music back on and they all started dancing and doing the hula and things like that! It was kind of cool.  Mary, Julia and Elder Vang were all trying to learn how to do it. I was not even going to try so I just watched off to the side with Maddie. Anyways that's about all I have for this week. I will talk to y'all later!

Elder Bullock 

1. The Yangs
2. The Hiltons and Quincy 
3. Playing Life
4. Hsaing and Jeff

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